Excellence in Research and Innovation for Humanity

ICIE 2017 : 19th International Conference on Intelligent Enterprise

Dubai, UAE
March 11 - 12, 2017

Important Dates

Abstracts/Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline   January 25, 2017
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection   January 30, 2017
Final Paper (Camera Ready) Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline   February 11, 2017
Conference Dates   March 11 - 12, 2017

Important Notes

Please ensure your submission meets the conference's strict guidelines for accepting scholarly papers. Downloadable versions of the check list for Full-Text Papers and Abstract Papers.

Please refer to the Paper Submission GUIDE before submitting your paper.
Chair : Haruo Okabayashi
1OralPoverty and Illiteracy as a Key Factor for Crime and Unrest in Nigeria
Lawrence Emah
The College of Education Oju, Benue State Nigeria
2OralReconsidering the Legitimacy of Capital Punishment in the Interpretation of the Human Right to Life in the Two Traditional Approaches
Yujie Zhang
Macquarie University Australia
3OralThe Batch Method Approach for Adsorption Mechanism Processes of Some Selected Heavy Metal Ions and Methylene Blue by Using Chemically Modified Luffa Cylindrica
Akanimo Emene, Mark D. Ogden, Robert Edyvean
University of Sheffield United Kingdom
4OralUnraveling Islam as a Religion of Peace
Puji Wahono, Desy Cahyani
University of Jember Indonesia
5OralValidating the Arabic Communicative Development Inventory for Assessing the Development of Language in Arabic-Speaking Children
Alshaimaa Abdelwahab, Allegra Cattani, Caroline Floccia
Plymouth University United Kingdom
6PosterAchieving Maximum Performance through the Practice of Entrepreneurial Ethics: Evidence from SMEs in Nigeria
S. B. Tende, H. L. Abubakar
Nasarawa State University Keffi Nigeria
7OralAnalyzing the Participation of Young People in Politics: An Exploratory Study Applied on Motivation in Croatia
Valentina Piric, Maja Martinovic, Zoran Barac
Zagreb School of Economics and Management Croatia
8OralGovernance Models of Higher Education Institutions
Zoran Barac, Maja Martinovic
Zagreb School of Economics and Management Croatia
9OralPotential of Croatia as an Attractive Tourist Destination for the Russian Market
Maja Martinovic, Valentina Zarkovic, Hrvoje Maljak
Zagreb School of Economics and Management Croatia
10OralThe Real Estate Market Sustainability Concept and Its Implementation in Management of Real Estate Companies
Linda Kauškale, Ineta Geipele
Riga Technical University Latvia
11OralChallenges of Our Basic Education Sytem: With Special Focus on A.P. State Government Schools - India
Sreekanth Reddy Ballarapu
Technical and Vocational Teachers Saudi Arabia
12PosterImproving Home and School Collaboration: Analysis of Parent and Teacher Involvement Practices in Public Elementary Schools in Benguet, Philippines
Sherry Junette Tagle
Cordillera Career Development College Philippines
13OralPerformance of Pre-Service Teachers in Their Field Study Course and Practice Teaching
Jason Alvarez
Rizal Technological University Philippines
14OralThe Effects of Geographical and Functional Diversity of Collaborators on Quality of Knowledge Generated
Ajay Das, Sandip Basu
Baruch College United States
15OralDeveloping an Integrated Approach to Intellectual Property Rights in the Gulf Co-Operation Council
Nadia Naim
University of Hertfordshire United Kingdom
16OralA Method to Enhance the Accuracy of Digital Forensic in the Absence of Sufficient Evidence in Saudi Arabia
Fahad Alanazi, Andrew Jones
De Montfort University United Kingdom
17OralNon-Laminated Windshield: A Cutdown in Cost v/s a Cutdown of Neck
Jagadish Rao Padubidri, Jenash Acharya, Sowmya J. Rao
Manipal University India
18OralThe Formation of Mutual Understanding in Conversation: An Embodied Approach
Haruo Okabayashi
University of Yamanashi Japan
Chair : Prasanna L. C.
19PosterPrediction of the Remaining Sargassum Beds in Coastal Line in Kuwaiti
Waleed Al-Zekri, Aws Al-Ghunaim, Turki Al-Said, Hanan Al-Adilah, Yousef Al-Enazi
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research Kuwait
20PosterGraphene-Oxide-Supported Coal-Layered Double Hydroxides: Synthesis and Characterizations
Shaeel A. Al Thabaiti, Sulaiman N. Basahel, Salem M. Bawaked, Mohamed Mokhtar
King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia
21PosterSynthesis of Ag-Cu Core-Shell Bimetallic Nano Composites: A Co-Reduction Approach
Sarah Saad Alruqi, Shaeel Ahmad Al-Thabaiti, Zaheer Khan
King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia
22PosterShared Heart with a Common Atrial Complex and Persistent Right Dorsal Aorta in Conjoined Twins
L. C. Prasanna, Antony Sylvan D’Souza, Kumar M. R. Bhat
Manipal University India
23PosterEnhanced Fetal Developmental Outcomes in Rats Supplemented with Both Choline and Docosahexaenoic Acid during Gestation
R. Huban Thomas, Kumar M. R. Bhat, G. Siva Kumar, L. C. Prasanna, Kiranmai S. Rai
Manipal University India
24PosterA Cadaveric Study of Branching Pattern of Arch of Aorta and Its Clinical Significance in Nepalese Population
Gulam Anwer Khan, A. Gautam
Chitwan Medical College Nepal
25PosterStudy of Dermatoglyphics Pattern in Patient with Hypertension
Ajeevan Gautam, Gulam Anwer Khan, Pratibha Pokhrel
Chitwan Medical College Nepal
26OralA Comparison of Antibiotic Resistant Enterobacteriaceae: Diabetic versus Non-Diabetic Infections
Zainab Dashti, Leila Vali
Kuwait University Kuwait
27OralAn Experimental Study of Thermal Variation in Different Temperament
Naseem Ahmad Khan, M. M. Wamiq Amin
Hakim Syed Ziaul Hasan Govt. Unani Medical College India
28OralHealth Payments and Household Wellbeing in India: Examining the Role of Health Policy Interventions
Shailender Kumar
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) India
29OralVariations in Breast Aesthetic Reconstruction Rates between Asian and Caucasian Patients Post Mastectomy in a UK Tertiary Breast Referral Centre: A Five-Year Institutional Review
Wisam Ismail, Chole Wright, Elizabeth Baker, Cathy Tait, Mohamed Salhab, Richard Linforth
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust United Kingdom
30OralThe Benefits of a Totally Autologous Breast Reconstruction Technique Using Extended Latissimus Dorsi Flap with Lipo-Modelling: A Seven Years United Kingdom Tertiary Breast Unit Results
Wisam Ismail, Brendan Wooler, Penelope McManus
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust United Kingdom
31OralThe Effect of Acute Rejection and Delayed Graft Function on Renal Transplant Fibrosis in Live Donor Renal Transplantation
Wisam Ismail, Sarah Hosgood, Michael Nicholson
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust United Kingdom
32OralAssessment of Escherichia coli along Nakibiso Stream in Mbale Municipality, Uganda
Abdul Walusansa
Makerere University Uganda
33OralMediating Effect of Distress Caused by Symptoms on Predictors of Quality of Life of Hospice Patients with Cancer
Abdel Alkhalouf
Association of Natural Health United States
34OralPreparation of Hydrogels Containing Trehalose
Bozena Tyliszczak, Anna Drabczyk, Sonia Kudlacik, Jolanta Jaskowska, Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec
Cracow University of Technology Poland
35OralStudies on Polymers as Innovative Drug Carriers
Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec, Anna Drabczyk, Magdalena WóJcik, Bozena Tyliszczak
Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology Poland
36PosterSynthesis of Beetosan's Hydrogels with Yellow Tea
Jolanta Jaskowska, Anna Drabczyk, Sonia Kudlacik, Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec, Bozena Tyliszczak
Cracow University of Technology Poland
Chair : Zainab Bibi
37OralA Legal Solution to the Rising Problem of Unruly Passengers in Commercial Aviation
Alexander Szalay, Gabriel Langley
Western Michigan University United States
38OralEffects of Clomiphene Citrate and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Hormonal Profile, Serum Biochemical Constituents and Oxidative Stress in Pre-Pubertal Sahiwal Heifers
Muhammad Zubair, Shujait Ali, Ubaid-Ur-Rehman, Saqib Umar, Syed Ali Abid Bukhari
University of Agriculture Pakistan
39OralStructural Collapse Simulation Using LS-DYNA and UVA Aerial Photography and 3D Laser Scanning under Meinong Earthquake
Ren Zuo Wang
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering Taiwan
40OralStudy on Structural Behavior of Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures Retrofitting by Steel-Braced Frame
Fu-Pei Hsiao, Yu-Lung Chu, Chao-Hsun Huang
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering Taiwan
41PosterAn Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Health and Safety Induction Practices in the Zambian Construction Industry
Josephine Mutwale-Ziko, Nonde Lushinga, Inonge Akakandelwa
Copperbelt University Zambia
42OralSustainable Material Selection for Buildings: Analytic Network Process Method and Life Cycle Assessment Approach
Samira Mahmoudkelayeh, Katayoun Taghizade, Mitra Pourvaziri, Elnaz Asadian
University of Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic Of
43OralMeasuring the Embodied Energy of Construction Materials and Their Associated Cost Through Building Information Modelling
Ahmad Odeh, Ahmad Jrade
University of Ottawa Canada
44OralA Biomimetic Structural Form: Developing a Paradigm to Attain Vital Sustainability in Tall Architecture
Osama Al-Sehail
University of Calgary Canada
45OralTeacher’s Expertise in Teaching Mathematically Gifted Learners with Challenging Task in Regular Classrooms in South African High Schools
Dimakatso Agnes Mohokare
Central University of Technology South Africa
46OralExperimental Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Bio-Self-Cured Fly Ash Based Concrete under Aggressive Environments
R. Malathy
Sona College of Technology India
47OralEnhanced Production of Endo-β-1,4-Xylanase from a Newly Isolated Thermophile Geobacillus stearothermophilus KIBGE-IB29 for Prospective Industrial Applications
Zainab Bibi, Afsheen Aman, Shah Ali Ul Qader
University of Karachi Pakistan
48OralDevelopment of Hydrophobic Coatings on Aluminum Alloy 7075
Nauman A. Siddiqui
University of the Punjab Pakistan
49PosterHepatoprotective and Antioxidant Effect of the Methanol Extract from Perralderia sp. against PCP-Induced Toxicity in Wister Albinos Rats
Bekhouche, Khadidja, Zama Djamila, Benayache Fadila, Benayache Samir, Demirtas Ibrahim, Ozen Tewfik
Mentouri University Algeria
50OralMobile Learning: Toward Better Understanding of Compression Techniques
Farouk Lawan Gambo
Federal University Dutse Nigeria
51PosterBuilding a Scalable Telemetry Based Multiclass Predictive Maintenance Model in R
Jaya Mathew
Microsoft United States
52OralMemory Management in Android
Jignesh Jain, Pratik Kumar Jain, Meet Satra, Era Johri
K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering India
53PosterParallel 2-Opt Local Search on GPU
Wen-Bao Qiao, Jean-Charles Créput
Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté France
54PosterOptimized Cluster Head Selection Algorithm Based on LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Wided Abidi, Tahar Ezzedine
National Engineering School of Tunis Tunisia
Chair : Godwin T
55OralAdvancing Energy Security Through Regional Cooperation in Southern Africa: An Assessment of the Challenges and Opportunities
Loide Sambo
High Institute of International Relations Mozambique
56PosterGeopolitics of Energy in Africa: Between Big Powers Competition and Political Stability
Mario Macaringue
Jindal Global University India
57OralEvaluation of Efficiency of Naturally Available Disinfectants and Filter Media in Conventional Gravity Filters
Abhinav Mane, Kedar Karvande, Shubham Patel, Abhayraj Lodha
The Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha (CSMSS) Engineering College India
58OralForecasting Lake Malawi Water Level Fluctuations Using Stochastic Models
M. Mulumpwa, W. W. L. Jere, M. Lazaro, A. H. N. Mtethiwa
Senga Bay Fisheries Research Center Malawi
59PosterComplexation of Optical Spectroscopies, Lidar-Spectral Tunable Laser Diode Measurements and MS-Auxanometry, Based on Atmospheric LDI Technique Using Tunable Diode Lasers for Desorption – Ionization in the Frame of Synchronous Optical + MS-Experiments
Feodor Orehov, Oleg Gradow
Russian Academy of Sciences Russian Federation
60OralManganese Contamination Exacerbates Reproductive Stress in a Suicidally-Breeding Marsupial
Ami Fadhillah Amir Abdul Nasir, Amanda C. Niehaus, Skye F. Cameron, Frank A. Von Hippel, John Postlethwait​, Robbie S. Wilson
The University of Queensland Australia
61OralImproving the Supply Chain of Vietnamese Coffee in Buon Me Thuot City, Daklak Province, Vietnam to Achieve Sustainability
Giang Ngo Tinh Nguyen
Eastern International University Viet Nam
62OralTowards Automated Remanufacturing of Marine and Offshore Engineering Components
Aprilia, Wei Liang Keith Nguyen, Shu Beng Tor, Gerald Gim Lee Seet, Chee Kai Chua
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
63OralA Simulation Model to Analyze the Impact of Virtual Responsiveness in an E-Commerce Supply Chain
T. Godwin
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli India
64OralPetri Net Modeling and Simulation of a Call-Taxi System
T. Godwin
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli India
65OralApplication of Geographically Weighted Regression with Truncated Spline Approach to Analysis the Factors Increasing Number of Unemployed in Province East Java Indonesia
Sifriyani, Budiantara, Haryatmi, Gunardi
Gadjah Mada University Indonesia
66OralRelaxing Convergence Constraints in Local Priority Hysteresis Switching Logic
Mubarak Alhajri
Public Authority for Applied Education and Training Kuwait
67PosterProximate Composition and Mineral Contents of Ocimum gratissimum Leaves (African Basil)
Adebola Ajayi
Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro Nigeria
68PosterMicrofluidized Fiber Based Oleogels for Encapsulation of Lycopene
Behic Mert
Middle East Technical University Turkey
69OralChongqing, a Megalopolis Disconnected with Its Rivers: An Assessment of Urban-Waterside Disconnect in a Chinese Megacity and Proposed Improvement Strategies, Chongqing City as a Case Study
Jaime E. Salazar Lagos
Chongqing University China
70PosterValidation of Visibility Data from Road Weather Information Systems by Comparing Three Data Resources: Case Study in Ohio
Fan Ye
Ohio Northern University United States
71OralEquitable Mobility Planning as a Key for Safety and Sustainability
Pushkar Makarand Dhawale, Sonam Singh, Bhawna Chauhan
Amity University India
72OralNumerical Studies on Cold Formed Rectangular Hollow Sections
Jikhil Joseph
College of Engineering Trikaripur India
Chair : Hadi Shahmoradifar
73PosterReduction of Plutonium Production in Heavy Water Research Reactor: A Feasibility Study through Neutronic Analysis Using MCNPX2.6 and CINDER90 Codes
H. Shamoradifar, B. Teimuri, P. Parvaresh, S. Mohammadi
Payame Noor University Iran, Islamic Republic Of
74OralDiversity and Taxonomy: Malaysian Marine Algae Genus Halimeda (Halimedaceae, Chlorophyta)
Nur Farah Ain Zainee, Ahmad Ismail, Nazlina Ibrahim, Asmida Ismail
National University of Malaysia Malaysia
PROGRAM GUIDELINES 1.GUIDE FOR ORAL AND e-POSTER PRESENTATIONS We kindly ask ORAL presenters to prepare electronic presentations of 15 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) and e-POSTER presenters to prepare short electronic presentations of 5 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) (NO PRINT OUTS). A Linux-based operating system is used for both Oral and e-Poster presentations. All presenters should make a PDF file version of their presentation and upload it to the system. 2. PRESENTATION SET UP Laptop Computer, Projector, USB Flash Drive (No CD Drive), MS. PowerPoint/AcrobatReader 3. SYSTEM SECURITY ALERT As many delegates insert their USB devices into the laptop computer provided for the presentations, we cannot avoid Cyber/Computer viruses. You are kindly advised to bring a USB Flash Drive containing ONLY your .ppt, .ptx or .pdf presentation file or risk other files being corrupted or made permanently inaccessible. 4. ROLE OF THE SESSION CHAIR The duties of the Session Chair include the following: 1. Arrive at the conference hall at least 10 minutes before the session begins. Identify the paper presenters and discussant(s) in advance, and introduce yourself. Remind each presenter of the time limits that apply, and describe the method you will use to alert them of time limits during the actual presentation. 2. At the start of the session, introduce yourself to the audience, announce the session/title, and offer a brief overview indicating how the papers are related. 3. Prior to each presentation, introduce the speaker, announce the paper’s title, the name(s) of the author(s), and provide brief comments regarding the affiliation and/or background of each presenter. Identify the individual who will be speaking if it is someone other than the first author. 4. During the presentations enforce time limits strictly so that no author (or audience member) monopolizes someone else’s time. Oral paper presentations each have 20 minutes (15 minutes for full presentation papers, 5 minutes for discussions), and 10 minutes for e-Poster (electronic poster) presentations (5 minutes for poster presentation, 5 minutes for discussions). 5. Once presentations are complete (oral paper presentations and e-Poster presentations), the remaining time can be used for informal discussion between the audience and session participants. It is your job to field questions from the audience. 6. Try to conduct the session as informally as possible (e.g., use first names when addressing participants and members of the audience) to encourage as much audience participation as possible. 5. BEST PAPER AWARDS / BEST PRESENTATION AWARDS A 'Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award' will be conferred on the author(s) of an abstract or a full paper presented at the conference. Selection is made based on the best combined marks of the abstract / paper review and presentation quality appraisal conducted by the Session Chair at the conference venue, and assessed by the Program Committee. Award winners will be announced after the conference. The author(s) of a selected paper/presentation will receive a signed and stamped official Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award e-certificate.

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