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ICSB 2017 : 19th International Conference on Systems Biology

Dubai, UAE
May 19 - 20, 2017

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Abstracts/Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline   March 20, 2017
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection   March 31, 2017
Final Paper (Camera Ready) Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline   April 19, 2017
Conference Dates   May 19 - 20, 2017

Important Notes

Please ensure your submission meets WASET's strict guidelines for accepting scholarly papers. Downloadable versions of the check list for Full-Text Papers and Abstract Papers.

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Chair : Neveen Abdelrehim
1OralNon-Governmental Organisations and Human Development in Bauchi State, Nigeria
Sadeeq Launi
Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi Nigeria
2OralManaging Risks of Civil War: Accounting Practices in Egyptian Households
Sumohon Matilal, Neveen Abdelrehim
University of York United Kingdom
3PosterA Process Model for Online Trip Reservation System
Sh. Wafa, M. Alanoud, S. Liyakathunisa
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
4OralIOT Based Process Model for Heart Monitoring Process
Dalyah Y. Al-Jamal, Maryam H. Eshtaiwi, Liyakathunisa Syed
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
5OralAutomation of Student Attendance Management System Using BPM
Kh. Alaa, Sh. Sarah, J. Khowlah, S. Liyakathunsia
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
6OralInternet of Things Based Process Model for Smart Parking System
Amjaad Alsalamah, Liyakathunsia Syed
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
7OralSignature Verification System for a Banking Business Process Management
A. Rahaf, S. Liyakathunsia
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
8OralAn Automated Business Process Management for Smart Medical Records
K. Malak, A. Nourah, S.Liyakathunisa
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
9OralThe Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Relationship Marketing on Relationship Maintainer and Customer Loyalty by Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction
Anam Bhatti, Sumbal Arif, Mariam Mehar, Sohail Younas
University of Sargodha Pakistan
10OralImpact of Social Media Brand Communication on Brand Knowledge: Mediating Role of Brand Image and Brand Awareness Application of Customer-Based Brand Equity Model Theory of Keller
Anam Bhatti, Mariam Mehar, Sumbal Arif, Sohail Younas
University of Sargodha Pakistan
11OralThe Political–Fiscal Paradigm in Egypt: Do Institutions Affect Fiscal Performance?
Mohamed Zaky, Sara Elkhishin
The British University in Egypt Egypt
12OralSurvey the Relationship between Social Competence and Mental Health of Male and Female Students of Secondary Schools in Khoramabad City
Mehry Daraei
Islamic Azad University Khorramabad Branch Iran, Islamic Republic Of
13OralFirst-Year Undergraduate Students' Dilemma with Kinematics Graphs
Itumeleng Phage
Central University of Technology, Free State South Africa
14OralOnline System Opportunities Increase Exam Department Employee Efficiencies and Students' Satisfaction
Mohamed Khalif Ali
Sikkim Manipal University Uganda
15OralBiochemical Approach to Renewable Energy: Enhancing Students' Perception and Understanding of Science of Energy through Integrated Hands-On Laboratory
Samina Yasmin, Anzar Khaliq, Zareen Tabassum
Habib University Pakistan
16OralPreserving the World Cultural Heritage: Improving the Love and Concern of Modern Indonesian Youths on Batik as an Indonesian World Cultural Heritage
Laksono Kurniadi, Muhammad Rizki Alhamdani
Islamic University of Indonesia Indonesia
17OralEffective Use of X-Box Kinect in Rehabilitation Centers of Riyadh
Reem Alshiha, Tanzila Saba
Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia
Chair : Cristina Busuioc
18OralExperimental Damping Performance of Composite Materials with Different Fibre Orientations
Ferhat Kadioglu
Yildirim Beyazit Universitesi Turkey
19PosterStability Characteristics of Angle Ply Bi-Stable Laminates by Considering the Effect of Resin Layers
Masih Moore, Saeed Ziaei-Rad
Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
20OralFertilizer Procurement and Distribution in Nigeria: Assessing Policy against Implementation
Jacob Msughter Gwa, Rhys Williams
Swansea University United Kingdom
21OralAssessment of the Fertility Status of the Fadama Soils Found along Five Major River Catchments in Kano
Garba K. Adamu
Federal University, Dutsin-ma Nigeria
22PosterSolid Waste Recycling Analysis of Northern Cyprus: A Power Generation Proposal
McDominic C. Eze, Lida E. Vafaei, Ozan Erenay
Near East University Turkey
23OralThe Khartoum Structure Plan: A Critical Review towards an Equitable City for All
Amira Osman, Mariam Mohd Abdallah
University of Johannesburg South Africa
24OralInfluence of Orientation in Complex Building Architecture in Various Climatic Regions in Winter
M. Alwetaishi, Giulia Sonetti
Taif University Saudi Arabia
25OralExploring Time-Series Phosphoproteomic Datasets in the Context of Network Models
Sandeep Kaur, Jenny Vuong, Marcel Julliard, Sean O'Donoghue
University of New South Wales Australia
26PosterNetwork Analysis to Reveal Microbial Community Dynamics in the Coral Reef Ocean
Keigo Ide, Toru Maruyama, Michihiro Ito, Hiroyuki Fujimura, Yoshikatu Nakano, Shoichiro Suda, Sachiyo Aburatani, Haruko Takeyama
Waseda University Japan
27PosterGene Expression Analysis for Corals / Zooxanthellae under High Seawater Temperature Stress
Haruka Ito, Toru Maruyama, Michihiro Ito, Chuya Shinzato, Hiroyuki Fujimura, Yoshikatsu Nakano, Shoichiro Suda, Sachiyo Aburatani, Haruko Takeyama
Waseda University Japan
28PosterElucidation of the Sequential Transcriptional Activity in Escherichia coli Using Time-Series RNA-Seq Data
Pui Shan Wong, Kosuke Tashiro, Satoru Kuhara, Sachiyo Aburatani
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan
29OralE-Cyanobacterium.org: A Web-Based Platform for Systems Biology of Cyanobacteria
Matej Trojak, David Safranek, Jakub Hrabec, Matej Hajnal, Frantiska Romanovska, Jan Cerveny
Global Change Research Institute Czech Republic
30PosterConstraint-Based Computational Modelling of Bioenergetic Pathway Switching in Synaptic Mitochondria from Parkinson's Disease Patients
Diana C. El Assal, Fatima Monteiro, Caroline May, Peter Barbuti, Silvia Bolognin, Averina Nicolae, Hulda Haraldsdottir, Lemmer R. P. El Assal, Swagatika Sahoo, Longfei Mao, Jens Schwamborn, Rejko Kruger, Ines Thiele, Kathrin Marcus, Ronan M. T. Fleming
University of Luxembourg Luxembourg
31PosterLaser Writing on Vitroceramic Disks for Petabyte Data Storage
C. Busuioc, S. I. Jinga, E. Pavel
University Politehnica of Bucharest Romania
32OralStudy of Chlorine Gas Leak Consequences in Direct Chlorination System Failure in Cooling Towers in the Petrochemical Industry
Mohammad H. Ruhipour, Mahdi Goharrokhi, Mahsa Ghasemi, Artadokht Ostadsarayi
DSP Consultants in Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic Of
33OralModeling the Failure of Water Networks through the Usage of Artificial Networks
Wael Alraee, Wilhelm Urban, Alexander Sonnenburg
TU Darmstadt Germany
34OralFast Tumor Extraction Method Based on Nl-Means Filter and Expectation Maximization
Sandabad Sara, Sayd Tahri Yassine, Hammouch Ahmed
Mohammed V University Morocco
35PosterBlack and Grey Holes in AODV and Some Prevention Schemes
Anurag Misra
Himalayan University India
Chair : Ghada Al-Kafaji
36OralDevelopment of a Compact Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Motor Using Soft Magnetic Composite
Nasiru Aliyu, Glyn Atkinson, Nick Stannard
Newcastle University United Kingdom
37OralIntegration of Virtual Learning of Induction Machines for Undergraduates
Rajesh Kumar, Puneet Aggarwal
Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana India
38OralHydrological Modelling of Geological Behaviours in Environmental Planning for Urban Areas
Sheetal Sharma
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology India
39OralApplication of Combined Cluster and Discriminant Analysis to Make the Operation of Monitoring Networks More Economical
Norbert Magyar, Jozsef Kovacs, Peter Tanos, Balazs Trasy, Tamas Garamhegyi, Istvan Gabor Hatvani
Eötvös Loránd University Hungary
40OralImpacts of Climate Elements on the Annual Periodic Behavior of the Shallow Groundwater Level: Case Study from Central-Eastern Europe
Tamas Garamhegyi, Jozsef Kovacs, Rita Pongracz, Peter Tanos, Balazs Trasy, Norbert Magyar, Istvan G. Hatvani
Eötvös Loránd University Hungary
41OralPeriodicity Analysis of Long-Term Waterquality Data Series of the Hungarian Section of the River Tisza Using Morlet Wavelet Spectrum Estimation
Péter Tanos, József Kovács, Angéla Anda, Gábor Várbíró, Sándor Molnár, István Gábor Hatvani
Szent István University Hungary
42OralFirst Principle Study of Electronic and Optical Properties of YNi₄Si-Type HoNi₄Si Compound
D. K. Maurya, S. M. Saini
National Institute of Technology, Raipur India
43OralEffect of Built in Polarization on Thermal Properties of InGaN/GaN Heterostructures
Bijay Kumar Sahoo
National Institute of Technology, Raipur India
44OralFuzzy Inference System for Diagnosis of Malaria
Purnima Pandit
Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda India
45OralA Review on Application of Phase Change Materials in Textiles Finishing
Mazyar Ahrari, Ramin Khajavi, Mehdi Kamali Dolatabadi, Tayebeh Toliyat, Abosaeed Rashidi
Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch Iran, Islamic Republic Of
46OralDynamic Analysis of Fiber Metal Laminates Using Refined Zig Zag Theory
Mehran Ghalami, Gholam Hossein Liaghat, Mojtaba Sadighi, Hamed Ahmadi
Tarbiat Modares University Iran, Islamic Republic Of
47OralEnergy Analysis of a Thermally Modulated Sparsely Packed Porous System
Meenasaranya Manoharan, S. Saravanan
Bharathiar University India
48OralInvestigating Breakdowns in Human Robot Interaction: A Conversation Analysis Guided Single Case Study of a Human-Robot Communication in a Museum Environment
B. Arend, P. Sunnen, P. Caire
University of Luxembourg Luxembourg
49OralSimulation-Based Validation of Safe Human-Robot-Collaboration
Titanilla Komenda
Technische Universität Wien Austria
50OralReliability Analysis of Heat Exchanger Cycle Using Non-Parametric Method
Apurv Kulkarni, Shreyas Badave, B. Rajiv
College of Engineering, Pune India
51OralCritical Analysis of Heat Exchanger Cycle for its Maintainability Using Failure Modes and Effect Analysis and Pareto Analysis
Sayali Vyas, Atharva Desai, Shreyas Badave, Apurv Kulkarni, B. Rajiv
College of Engineering, Pune India
52OralAnalysis of Fuel Efficiency in Heavy Construction Compaction Machine and Factors Affecting Fuel Efficiency
Amey Kulkarni, Paavan Shetty, Amol Patil, B. Rajiv
College of Engineering, Pune India
53OralTumor-Associated Circulating MicroRNAs as Biomarkers to Distinguish Prostate Cancer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Patients with Increased Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen
Ghada Al-Kafaji
Arabian Gulf University Bahrain
Chair : Wei Ji
54PosterPrevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphlococcus aureus (MRSA) Isolate in Healthy Staff of Health Care Personals (HCP) in Nishtar Hospital, Multan
Riaz Hussain, Liaqat Ali Dogar, Abdul Ahad, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Nishtar Medical College Pakistan
55PosterAssociation of ApoB, CETP and GALNT2 Genetic Variants with Type 2 Diabetes-Related Traits in Population from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Anida Causevic-Ramosevac, Sabina Semiz
Bosnalijek Joint Stock Company Bosnia And Herzegovina
56OralDevelopment of Immuno-Modulators: Application of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Ruqaiya Khalil, Saman Usmani, Zaheer Ul-Haq
International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi Pakistan
57PosterDesign, Analysis and Optimization of Space Frame for BAJA SAE Chassis
Manoj Malviya, Shubham Shinde
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur India
58OralSurface Modified Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes for Potential Use in Membrane Distillation
Lebea Nthunya, Arne Verliefde, Bhekie Mamba, Sabelo Mhlanga
University of South Africa South Africa
59OralMonitoring the Change of Padma River Bank at Faridpur, Bangladesh Using Remote Sensing Approach
Ilme Faridatul, Bo Wu
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong
60OralRemote Sensing of Urban Land Cover Change: Trends, Driving Forces, and Indicators
Wei Ji
University of Missouri - Kansas City United States
61OralEvaluate the Possibility of Using ArcGIS Basemaps as GCP for Large Scale Maps
Jali Octariady, Ida Herliningsih, Ade K. Mulyana, Annisa Fitria, Diaz C. K. Yuwana
Geospatial Information Agency Indonesia
62OralAnalysis of Mixed Pixels Using Spectral Matching Algorithms for EO-1 Hyperion Data
Ajay Kumar Patel, Jayanta Kumar Ghosh
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee India
63OralSpatio-Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the near Shore Waters, Southern Karnataka, India
Ateeth Shetty, K. S. Jayappa, Ratheesh Ramakrishnan, A. S. Rajawat
Mangalore University India
64PosterAssessing the Spatial Distribution of Urban Parks Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Techniques
Hira Jabbar, Tanzeel-Ur Rehman
The Urban Unit Pakistan
65OralSpatial Mapping of Agroforestry Tree Species in Northern Nigeria Using Machine Learning
Muhammad Usman, Janet E. Nichol, Man Wong, Charles Sing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong
PROGRAM GUIDELINES 1.GUIDE FOR ORAL AND e-POSTER PRESENTATIONS We kindly ask ORAL presenters to prepare electronic presentations of 15 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) and e-POSTER presenters to prepare short electronic presentations of 5 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) (NO PRINT OUTS). A Linux-based operating system is used for both Oral and e-Poster presentations. All presenters should make a PDF file version of their presentation and upload it to the system. 2. PRESENTATION SET UP Laptop Computer, Projector, USB Flash Drive (No CD Drive), MS. PowerPoint/AcrobatReader 3. SYSTEM SECURITY ALERT As many delegates insert their USB devices into the laptop computer provided for the presentations, we cannot avoid Cyber/Computer viruses. You are kindly advised to bring a USB Flash Drive containing ONLY your .ppt, .ptx or .pdf presentation file or risk other files being corrupted or made permanently inaccessible. 4. ROLE OF THE SESSION CHAIR The duties of the Session Chair include the following: 1. Arrive at the conference hall at least 10 minutes before the session begins. Identify the paper presenters and discussant(s) in advance, and introduce yourself. Remind each presenter of the time limits that apply, and describe the method you will use to alert them of time limits during the actual presentation. 2. At the start of the session, introduce yourself to the audience, announce the session/title, and offer a brief overview indicating how the papers are related. 3. Prior to each presentation, introduce the speaker, announce the paper’s title, the name(s) of the author(s), and provide brief comments regarding the affiliation and/or background of each presenter. Identify the individual who will be speaking if it is someone other than the first author. 4. During the presentations enforce time limits strictly so that no author (or audience member) monopolizes someone else’s time. Oral paper presentations each have 20 minutes (15 minutes for full presentation papers, 5 minutes for discussions), and 10 minutes for e-Poster (electronic poster) presentations (5 minutes for poster presentation, 5 minutes for discussions). 5. Once presentations are complete (oral paper presentations and e-Poster presentations), the remaining time can be used for informal discussion between the audience and session participants. It is your job to field questions from the audience. 6. Try to conduct the session as informally as possible (e.g., use first names when addressing participants and members of the audience) to encourage as much audience participation as possible. 5. BEST PAPER AWARDS / BEST PRESENTATION AWARDS A 'Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award' will be conferred on the author(s) of an abstract or a full paper presented at the conference. Selection is made based on the best combined marks of the abstract / paper review and presentation quality appraisal conducted by the Session Chair at the conference venue, and assessed by the Program Committee. Award winners will be announced after the conference. The author(s) of a selected paper/presentation will receive a signed and stamped official Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award e-certificate.

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