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ICIHG 2017 : 19th International Conference on Isotope Hydrology and Geochemistry

Rome, Italy
September 18 - 19, 2017

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Abstracts/Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline   July 31, 2017
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection   August 10, 2017
Final Paper (Camera Ready) Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline   August 18, 2017
Conference Dates   September 18 - 19, 2017

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Chair : Carlos Belchior
1OralDesign of a Graphical User Interface for Data Preprocessing and Image Segmentation Process in 2D MRI Images
Enver Kucukkulahli, Pakize Erdogmus, Kemal Polat
Abant Izzet Baysal University Turkey
2OralOperational Software Maturity: An Aerospace Industry Analysis
Raúl González Muñoz, Essam Shehab, Martin Weinitzke, Chris Fowler, Paul Baguley
Cranfield University United Kingdom
3OralSoftware Obsolescence Drivers in Aerospace: An Industry Analysis
Raúl González Muñoz, Essam Shehab, Martin Weinitzke, Chris Fowler, Paul Baguley
Cranfield University United Kingdom
4PosterA Schema of Building an Efficient Quality Gate throughout the Software Development with Tools
Le Chen
University of Science and Technology Beijing China
5OralMaterialized View Effect on Query Performance
Yusuf Ziya Ayık, Ferhat Kahveci
Atatürk Universty Turkey
6OralObtaining Better Image Representations from Multiple Convolutional Neural Network Layers for Transfer Learning
Jumabek Alikhanov, Mamur Abdullayev, Jo Geun-Sik
Inha University Korea, Republic Of
7PosterNeural Network Based Approach of Software Maintenance Prediction for Laboratory Information System
Vuk M. Popovic, Dunja D. Popovic
University of Novi Sad Serbia
8OralLecture Video Indexing and Retrieval Using Topic Keywords
B. J. Sandesh, Saurabha Jirgi, S. Vidya, Prakash Eljer, Gowri Srinivasa
P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus India
9PosterOn-Chip Ku-Band Bandpass Filter with Compact Size and Wide Stopband
Jyh Sheen, Yang-Hung Cheng
National Formosa University Taiwan
10OralIntelligent License Plate Recognition System
Ayman Mansour, Bilal Hawashin
Tafila Technical University Jordan
11OralEnsuring Uniform Energy Consumption in Non-Deterministic Wireless Sensor Network to Protract Networks Lifetime
Vrince Vimal, Madhav J. Nigam
Indian Institute of Technology India
12OralEffect of Hydrogen on the Performance of a Methanol SI-Engine at City Driving Conditions
Junaid Bin Aamir, Ma Fanhua
Tsinghua University China
13OralExperimental Investigation of Hydrogen Addition in the Intake Air of Compressed Engines Running on Biodiesel Blend
Hendrick Maxil Zárate Rocha, Ricardo da Silva Pereira, Manoel Fernandes Martins Nogueira, Carlos R. Pereira Belchior, Maria Emilia de Lima Tostes
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil
14OralShift to Hydrogen: Hydrogen Generation in-situ Depleted Hydrocarbon Gas Fields
Leonid Surguchev, Roman Berenblyum, Michael Surguchev
Lukoil Overseas North Shelf AS Norway
15PosterStudy of Desing Parameters of a HHO Cell
René Contreras, Nelson Cerda, Javier Bustos, Vanel Lazcano
Universidad Mayor Chile
16OralHydrogen Storage in Rectangular Metal Hydride Tanks for Green Building Applications under Effective Heat Management
Evangelos I. Gkanas, Martin Khzouz
Coventry University United Kingdom
17OralHydrogen Purity: Developing Low-Level Sulphur Speciation Measurement Capability
Sam Bartlett, Thomas Bacquart, Arul Murugan, Abigail Morris
National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
18OralDesign of Low-Emission Catalytically Stabilized Combustion Chamber Concept
Annapurna Basavaraju, Andreas Marn, Franz Heitmeir
Graz University of Technology Austria
Chair : Funda Ates
19OralImpact of Different Fuel Inlet Diameters onto the NOx Emissions in a Hydrogen Combustor
Annapurna Basavaraju, Arianna Mastrodonato, Franz Heitmeir
Graz University of Technology Austria
20OralThe Effect of Metal-Organic Framework Pore Size to Hydrogen Generation of Ammonia Borane via Nanoconfinement
Jing-Yang Chung, Chi-Wei Liao, Jing Li, Bor Kae Chang, Cheng-Yu Wang
National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
21PosterCatalytic Pyrolysis of Barley Straw for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals
Funda Ates
Anadolu University Turkey
22OralA Review on Electrical Behavior of Different Substrates, Electrodes and Membranes in Microbial Fuel Cell
Bharat Mishra, Sanjay Kumar Awasthi, Raj Kumar Rajak
Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya India
Chair : Lali Kutateladze
23PosterCellulolytic and Xylanolytic Enzymes from Mycelial Fungi
T. Sadunishvili, L. Kutateladze, T. Urushadze, R. Khvedelidze, N. Zakariashvili, M. Jobava, G. Kvesitadze
Agricultural University of Georgia Georgia
24PosterFermentation of Pretreated Herbaceous Cellulosic Wastes to Ethanol by Anaerobic Cellulolytic and Saccharolytic Thermophilic Clostridia
Lali Kutateladze, Tamar Urushadze, Tamar Dudauri, Besarion Metreveli, Nino Zakariashvili, Izolda Khokhashvili, Maya Jobava
Agricultural University of Georgia Georgia
25PosterProbing Neuron Mechanics with a Micropipette Force Sensor
Madeleine Anthonisen, M. Hussain Sangji, G. Monserratt Lopez-Ayon, Margaret Magdesian, Peter Grutter
McGill University Canada
26OralEffect of Pioglitazone on Intracellular Na+ Homeostasis in Metabolic Syndrome-Induced Cardiomyopathy in Male Rats
Ayca Bilginoglu, Belma Turan
Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Turkey
27OralBroad Spectrum Biofilm Inhibition by Chitosanase Purified from Bacillus licheniformis Isolated from Spoilt Vegetables
Sahira Nsayef Muslim, Israa M. S. Al-Kadmy, Nadheema Hammood Hussein, Alaa Naseer Mohammed Ali, Buthainah Mohammed Taha, Rayim Sabah Abbood, Sarah Naji Aziz
Al-Mustansiriya University Iraq
28OralEvaluation of the Effect of Lactose Derived Monosaccharide on Galactooligosaccharides Production by β-Galactosidase
Yenny Paola Morales Cortés, Fabián Rico Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Serrato Bermúdez, Carlos Arturo Martínez Riascos
National University of Colombia Colombia
29OralGenome Sequencing of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain 202-3
Yina A. Cifuentes Triana, Andrés M. Pinzón Velásco, Marío E. Velásquez Lozano
Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
30OralLignin Valorization: Techno-Economic Analysis of Three Lignin Conversion Routes
Iris Vural Gursel, Andrea Ramirez
Utrecht University Netherlands
31OralPrevention of Venous Thromboembolic Events in Injured with Gunshot Fractures of the Lower Limbs
Konstantin Nikolaev, Vladislav Zubritskiy, Aleksey Koltovich, Andrey Akimov, Evgenij Golubov, Eduard Nikishov
Main Military Clinical Hospital Interior Ministry of Russia Russian Federation
32PosterSerum Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Levels among Clomiphene Citrate Resistance Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Patients
Ahmed Gibreel, Mohamed Sayed Abdelhafez, Mona Abo Bakr El-Hussiny, Ola Ali Elemam, Maha Houssen
Damanhour University Egypt
33PosterTablet Computer Based Cognitive Rehabilitation Program, Injini, for Children with Cognitive Impairment
Eun Jae Ko, In Young Sung, Eui Soo Joeng
Asan Medical Center Korea, Republic Of
34PosterLong-Term Outcomes of Dysphagia in Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy Using Videofluoroscopic Evaluation
Eun Jae Ko, In Young Sung, Eui Soo Joeng
Asan Medical Center Korea, Republic Of
35OralEffect of Lullabies on Babies Growth and Development, Vital Signs and Hospitalization Times in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Işın Alkan, Meltem Kürtüncü
Bülent Ecevit University Turkey
36OralEffect of Lullabies on Babies Stress and Relaxation Symptoms in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Meltem Kürtüncü, Işın Alkan
Bülent Ecevit University Turkey
37PosterThe Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety, Fear and Pain Management in 6-12 Year Old Children Undergoing Surgery
Özgür Bahadir, Meltem Kurtuncu
Bulent Ecevit University Turkey
38OralNepal Earthquake 2015: Medical Issues and Challenges
Kishore Rana
Nepal Army Institute of Health Sciences Nepal
39OralRelationship between Pain, Social Support and Socio-Economic Indicators in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Zahra Khazaeipour, Ehsan Ahmadipour, Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar, Fereshteh Ahmadipour
Tehran University of Medical Sciences Iran, Islamic Republic Of
40OralBlast Induced Neurotrauma: A Retrospective Analysis from Indian Combat Zone
Shashivadhanan Sundaravadhanan, Ashwini Kumar Sharma, Saurabh Kumar Verma
Army Hospital Research & Referral India
Chair : Mina Adam
41PosterThe Analysis of Movement Pattern during Reach and Grasp in Stroke Patients: A Kinematic Approach
Hyo Seon Choi, Ju Sun Kim, DY Kim
Yonsei University Korea, Republic Of
42OralThe Effect of Education given to Parents of Children with Sickle Cell Anemia in Turkey and Chad to Reduce Children's Pain
Fatima El Zahra Amin, Emine Efe
Akdeniz University Nursing Faculty Turkey
43OralKnowledge, Experiences, and Attitudes of Paediatric Nurses regarding Complementary Health Approaches Used by Themselves and Parents for Their Children in Turkey
Vildan Cırık, Emine Efe
Akdeniz University Nursing Faculty Turkey
44OralA Review on the Importance of Nursing Approaches in Nutrition of Children with Cancer
Ş. Çiftcioğlu, E. Efe
Akdeniz University Nursing Faculty Turkey
45OralThe Influence of the Microbiome and Effects on Volatile Organic Compound Production in Oesophago-Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Mina Adam, Sacheen Kumar, Andrea Romano, Julian Marchesi, George B. Hanna
Imperial College United Kingdom
46PosterEvaluation of Intubating Conditions Using Stylet by Conventional Through-Tube Technique and through Murphy's Eye in Patients with High Mallampati Scores
Abbas Haider
47PosterBiomarkers for Rectal Adenocarcinoma Identified by Lipidomic and Bioinformatic
Patricia O. Carvalho, Marcia C. F. Messias, Laura Credidio, Carlos A. R. Martinez
São Francisco University Brazil
Chair : Istvan Rado
48OralNeeds-Based and Asset-Based Approaches to Social Innovation: An Exploration of Their Effectiveness Using Five Case Studies in Thailand
I. Rado, A. Rahman, C. Lawrence
Waikiki University Thailand
49OralAssessment of Diversity and Economic Sustainability of Mazandaran Province Using by Gibbs-Martin and LQ Index
Ahmmad Pourahmmad, Esmail Aliakbari, Baehnaz Pourkhodadad
Payame Noor University Iran, Islamic Republic Of
50OralSocial Enterprises in India: Conceptualization and Challenges
Prajakta Khare
Okayama University Japan
51OralSocial Impact Evaluation in the Housing Sector
Edgard Barki, Tânia Modesto Veludo-de-Oliveira, Felipe Zambaldi
52PosterUnderstanding South Africa's Social Entrepreneurs: Characteristics and Quirks
Kerryn Krige, Alex Antonites
Gordon Institute of Business Science South Africa
53OralTowards an African Model: A Survey of Social Enterprises in South Africa
Kerryn Krige, Kerrin Myers
Gordon Institute of Business Science South Africa
54OralClustering Social Enterprises Based on Impact: New Evidence from Greece
Sandra Cohen, Helen Salavou
Athens University of Economics and Business Greece
55OralResourcing Remote Rural Social Enterprises to Foster Resilience and Regional Development
Heather Fulford, Melanie Liddell
Robert Gordon University United Kingdom
56OralGabriel Marcel and Friedrich Nietzsche: Existence and Death of God
Paolo Scolari
Università Cattolica Italy
57OralNon-Family Members as Successors of Choice in South African Family Businesses
Jonathan Marks, Lauren Katz
University of Pretoria South Africa
58OralThe Moderating Role of Perceived University Environment in the Formation of Entrepreneurial Intention among Creative Industries Students
Patrick Ebong Ebewo
Tshwane University of Technology South Africa
59OralDefining Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship: A South African Perspective
Patrick Ebong Ebewo, Mziwoxolo Sirayi
Tshwane University of Technology South Africa
60OralMotivational Profiles of the Entrepreneurial Career in Spanish Businessmen
Magdalena Suárez-Ortega, M. Fe. Sánchez-García
National University of Distance Education (UNED) Spain
61OralThe Key Indicators for the Innovative and Competitive Economy: The Baltic State Case Study
Iwona Karkliniewska
University Poland
62OralThe Right to Data Portability and Its Influence on the Development of Digital Services
Roman Bieda
Polish Academy of Sciences Poland
63OralDeveloping Product Strategy via Product Life Cycle Simulation According to System Dynamics
Sepideh Tavassoli
Islamic Azad University Iran, Islamic Republic Of
64OralThe Use of Religious Symbols in the Workplace: Remarks on the Latest Case Law
Susana Sousa Machado
Polytechnic Institute of Porto - ESTGF - CIICESI Portugal
65OralData Ownership and Protection in the Context of Ambient Intelligent and Robotic Devices: Perspectives from Law and Ethics
Myrthe Van Nus
University of Twente Netherlands
Chair : Ekaterina Semenova
66OralProtection of Website Owners' Rights: Proportionality of Website Blocking in Russia and Beyond
Ekaterina Semenova
National Research University Higher School of Economics Russian Federation
Chair : Qijing Yang
67OralCritical Approach to Defining the Architectural Structure of a Health Prototype in a Rural Area of Brazil
Domenico Chizzoniti, Monica Moscatelli, Letizia Cattani, Luca Preis
Politecnico di Milano Italy
68OralWakala Buildings of Mamluk Era in Cairo, Egypt and Its Rating According to Rating Criteria of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design V4
M. Fathy, I. Maarouf, S. El-Sayary
Alexandria University Egypt
69OralProject for a Multi-Purpose Building and Redefinition of a Central Area in Cernusco Lombardone in Italy: Artery of Cernusco
Berrak Balci
Politecnico di Milano Italy
70OralProbabilistic Failure Envelopes of Offshore Foundations on Spatially Variable Soil
Amal Hentati, Mbarka Selmi, Tarek Kormi
Polytechnic School of Tunisia, Tunisia Tunisia
71OralBackward Erosion Piping through Vertically Layered Sands
K. Vandenboer, L. Dolphen, A. Bezuijen
Ghent University Belgium
72PosterDevelopment and Control of Deep Seated Gravitational Slope Deformation: The Case of Colzate-Vertova Landslide, Bergamo, Northern Italy
Paola Comella, Vincenzo Francani, Paola Gattinoni
Polytechnic University of Milan Italy
73OralDesign and Construction Validation of Pile Performance through High Strain Pile Dynamic Tests for both Contiguous Flight Auger and Drilled Displacement Piles
S. Pirrello
Keller Australia Australia
74OralEstimation of Geotechnical Parameters by Comparing Monitoring Data with Numerical Results: Case Study of Arash-Esfandiar-Niayesh Under-Passing Tunnel, Africa Tunnel, Tehran, Iran
Aliakbar Golshani, Seyyed Mehdi Poorhashemi, Mahsa Gharizadeh
Tarbiat Modares Univeristy Iran, Islamic Republic Of
75OralMineralogical Characterization and Petrographic Classification of the Soil of Casablanca City
I. Fahi, T. Remmal, F. El Kamel, B. Ayoub
Faculté des Sciences Aïn Chock Casablanca Morocco
76OralPerformance of Rapid Impact Compaction as a Middle-Deep Ground Improvement Technique
Bashar Tarawneh, Yasser Hakam
The University of Jordan Jordan
77OralGeotechnical Design of Bridge Foundations and Approaches in Hilly Granite Formation
Q. J. Yang
Arcadis Australia Pacific Australia
78PosterDiscrete Element Modeling of the Effect of Particle Shape on Creep Behavior of Rockfills
Yunjia Wang, Zhihong Zhao, Erxiang Song
Tsinghua University China
79PosterTwo Dimensional Numerical Analysis for the Seismic Response of the Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Integral Abutments
Dawei Shen, Ming Xu, Pengfei Liu
Tsinghua University China
80PosterIntroduction to Two Artificial Boundary Conditions for Transient Seepage Problems and Their Application in Geotechnical Engineering
Shuang Luo, Er-Xiang Song
Tsinghua University China
81OralAn Elasto-Viscoplastic Constitutive Model for Unsaturated Soils: Numerical Implementation and Validation
Maria Lazari, Lorenzo Sanavia
University of Padova Italy
82OralVirtual Approach to Simulating Geotechnical Problems under Both Static and Dynamic Conditions
Varvara Roubtsova, Mohamed Chekired
Hydro-Québec Research Institute Canada
83OralModeling of the Effect of Explosives, Geological and Geotechnical Parameters on the Stability of Rock Masses Case of Marrakech: Agadir Highway, Morocco
Taoufik Benchelha, Toufik Remmal, Rachid El Hamdouni, Hamou Mansouri, Houssein Ejjaouani, Halima Jounaid, Said Benchelha
University of Hassan II Casablanca Morocco
84OralApplication of 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomographic Imaging Technique to Study Climate Induced Landslide and Slope Stability through the Analysis of Factor of Safety: A Case Study in Ooty Area, Tamil Nadu, India
S. Maniruzzaman, N. Ramanujam, Qazi Akhter Rasool, Swapan Kumar Biswas, P. Prasad, Chandrakanta Ojha
Pondicherry University India
Chair : Hossein Agheshlui
85OralReliability Based Performance Evaluation of Stone Column Improved Soft Ground
A. GuhaRay, C. V. S. P. Kiranmayi, S. Rudraraju
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - Hyderabad India
86OralImage Processing on Geosynthetic Reinforced Layers to Evaluate Shear Strength and Variations of the Strain Profiles
Samad Kazemi Khosrowshahi, Erol Guler
Bogazici University Turkey
87PosterPrediction of Fracture Aperture in Fragmented Rocks
Hossein Agheshlui, Stephan Matthai
The University of Melbourne Australia
Chair : Elena Castillo-Lopez
88PosterTreatments for Overcoming Dormancy of Leucaena Seeds (Leucaena leucocephala)
Tiago Valente, Erico Lima, Bruno Deminicis, Andreia Cezario, Wallacy Santos, Fabiane Brito
Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Goiano Brazil
89OralEffect of Chemical, Organic and Biological Nitrogen on Yield and Yield Components of Soybean Cultivars
Hamid Hatami
Islamic Azad University Iran, Islamic Republic Of
90PosterComparison of Artificial Neural Networks and Statistical Classifiers in Olive Sorting Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
İsmail Kavdır, M. Burak Büyükcan, Ferhat Kurtulmuş
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Turkey
91PosterEffects of Green Walnut Husk and Olive Pomace Extracts on Growth of Tomato Plants and Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)
Yasemin Kavdir, Ugur Gozel
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Turkey
92OralExtracellular Enzymes from Halophilic Bacteria with Potential in Agricultural Secondary Flow Recovery Products
Madalin Enache, Simona Neagu, Roxana Cojoc, Ioana Gomoiu, Delia Ionela Dobre, Ancuta Roxana Trifoi
Institute of Biology Bucharest Romania
93OralCoastal Resources Spatial Planning and Potential Oil Risk Analysis: Misratah Coastal Resources, Libya
Abduladim Maitieg, Kevin Lynch, Mark Johnson
NUI Galway Ireland
94OralUse of Information Technology in the Government of a State
Pavel E. Golosov, Vladimir I. Gorelov, Oksana L. Karelova
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Russian Federation
95OralDoes Dutch Disease Matter? Manufacturing Plant-Level Evidence from Indonesia
Paul Pelzl, Steven Poelhekke
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
96OralImpact of Import Restriction on Rice Production in Nigeria
C. O. Igberi, M. U. Amadi
Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo Nigeria
97OralDeterminants of Risk Perceptions and Risk Attitude among Flue-Cured Virginia Tobacco Growers: A Case Study of Pakistan
Wencong Lu, Abdul Latif, Raza Ullah, Subhan Ullah
Zhejiang University China
98PosterPerpetual Soil Erosion in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: A Self-Amplifying Feedback Loop?
Vincent Kakembo
Nelson Mandela University South Africa
99OralComparing Stability Index MAPping (SINMAP) Landslide Susceptibility Models in the Río La Carbonera, Southeast Flank of Pico de Orizaba Volcano, Mexico
Gabriel Legorreta Paulin, Marcus I. Bursik, Lilia Arana Salinas, Fernando Aceves Quesada
National Autonomous University of Mexico Mexico
100OralRapid Monitoring of Earthquake Damages by Optical and SAR Data
Saeid Gharechelou, Ram C. Sharma
Shahrood University of Technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
101OralHedgerow Detection and Characterization Using Very High Spatial Resolution SAR DATA
Saeid Gharechelou, Stuart Green, Fiona Cawkwell
Shahrood University of Technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
102OralAnalysis on the Feasibility of Landsat 8 Imagery for Water Quality Parameters Assessment in an Oligotrophic Mediterranean Lake
Vassiliki Markogianni, Dionissios Kalivas, George Petropoulos, Elias Dimitriou
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Greece
103OralHeavy Metals Estimation in Coastal Areas Using Remote Sensing, Field Sampling and Classical and Robust Statistic
Elena Castillo-López, Raúl Pereda, Julio Manuel de Luis, Rubén Pérez, Felipe Piña
University of Cantabria Spain
104OralThe Use of Thermal Infrared Wavelengths to Determine the Volcanic Soils
Levent Basayigit, Mert Dedeoglu, Fadime Ozogul
Suleyman Demirel University Turkey
105PosterMonitoring of Cannabis Cultivation with High-Resolution Images
Levent Basayigit, Sinan Demir, Burhan Kara,Yusuf Ucar
Suleyman Demirel University Turkey
Chair : Kai Liu
106OralStudy of Morphological Changes of the River Ganga in Patna District, Bihar Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Bhawesh Kumar, A. P. Krishna
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra India
107OralUse of Landsat OLI Images in the Mapping of Landslides: Case of the Taounate Province in Northern Morocco
S. Benchelha, H. Chennaoui, M. Hakdaoui, L. Baidder, H. Mansouri, H. Ejjaaouani, T. Benchelha
University of Hassan II Casablanca Morocco
108PosterSpatially Downscaling Land Surface Temperature with a Non-Linear Model
Kai Liu
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research China
109OralNeural Networks Based Prediction of Long Term Rainfall: Nine Pilot Study Zones over the Mediterranean Basin
Racha El Kadiri, Mohamed Sultan, Henrique Momm, Zachary Blair, Rachel Schultz, Tamer Al-Bayoumi
Middle Tennessee State University United States
110OralTunisian Oases Analysed from SPOT5 TAKE5 Data: The Case of the Djerid Region
Cherine Ben Khalfallah, Eric Delaitre, Ouerchefani Dalel, Laurent Demagistri, Faiza Khebour-Allouche, Darragi Fadila, Frederique Seyler
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Tunis Tunisia
111PosterLand Cover Classification Using Sentinel-2 Image Data and Random Forest Algorithm
Thanh Noi Phan, Martin Kappas, Jan Degener
University of Göttingen Germany
112OralComparison between Photogrammetric and Structure from Motion Techniques in Processing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Imageries
Ahmed Elaksher
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona United States
113OralA Novel Remote Sensing Image Clustering Method Based on Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Huapeng Li, Xiaohui Ding, Shuqing Zhang
Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology (IGA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) China
114OralRemote Sensing Reversion of Water Depths and Water Management for Waterbird Habitats: A Case Study on the Stopover Site of Siberian Cranes at Momoge, China
Chunyue Liu, Hongxing Jiang
Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
115PosterSystematic Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Networks on Land Cover Classification from Remotely Sensed Images
Eiman Kattan, H. Wei
University of Reading United Kingdom
116OralAnalysing Trends in Rice Cropping Intensity and Seasonality across the Philippines Using 14 Years of Moderate Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Bhogendra Mishra, Andy Nelson, Mirco Boschetti, Lorenzo Busetto, Alice Laborte
University of Twente Netherlands
117OralA Hybrid Image Fusion Model for Generating High Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Resolution Data Using OLI-MODIS-Hyperion Satellite Imagery
Yongquan Zhao, Bo Huang
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
118OralExtraction of Urban Building Damage Using Spectral, Height and Corner Information
X. Wang
The Chinese University of Hong Kong China
119OralSparse Representation Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Employing Additional Image Pairs to Improve Dictionary Training
Dacheng Li, Bo Huang, Qinjin Han, Ming Li
Taiyuan University of Technology China
120OralMathematical Modeling of the Working Principle of Gravity Gradient Instrument
Danni Cong, Meiping Wu, Hua Mu, Xiaofeng He, Junxiang Lian, Juliang Cao, Shaokun Cai, Hao Qin
National University of Defense Technology China
121OralCalibration of the Radical Installation Limit Error of the Accelerometer in the Gravity Gradient Instrument
Danni Cong, Meiping Wu, Xiaofeng He, Junxiang Lian, Juliang Cao, Shaokuncai, Hao Qin
National University of Defense Technology China
122OralAssessing the Utility of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Borne Hyperspectral Image and Photogrammetry Derived 3D Data for Wetland Species Distribution Quick Mapping
Qiaosi Li, Frankie Kwan Kit Wong, Tung Fung
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
123PosterConstruction of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Index through Global Sensitivity Analysis of Radiative Transfer Model
Guanhua Zhou, Zhongqi Ma
Beihang University China
Chair : Tang Feifei
124OralApplication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Urban Rail Transit Intelligent Inspection
Xinglu Nie, Feifei Tang, Chuntao Wei, Zhimin Ruan, Qianhong Zhu
Chongqing Jiaotong University China
125OralTornado Disaster Impacts and Management: Learning from the 2016 Tornado Catastrophe in Jiangsu Province, China
Huicong Jia, Donghua Pan
Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
126PosterSub-Pixel Mapping Based on New Mixed Interpolation
Zeyu Zhou, Xiaojun Bi
Harbin Engineering University China
127OralCarboxymethyl Cellulose Coating onto Polypropylene Film Using Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment as Food Packaging
Z. Honarvar, M. Farhoodi, M. R. Khani, S. Shojaee-Aliabadi
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Iran, Islamic Republic Of
128OralObtaining Nutritive Powder from Peel of Mangifera Indica L. (Mango) as a Food Additive
Chajira Garrote, Laura Arango, Lourdes Merino
University of Atlántico Colombia
129OralThe Chewing Gum Confectionary Development for Oral Hygiene with Nine Hour Oral Antibacterial Activity
Yogesh Bacchaw, Ashish Dabade
DY Patil University India
130OralThe Association between Food Security Status and Depression in Two Iranian Ethnic Groups Living in Northwest of Iran
A. Rezazadeh, N. Omidvar, H. Eini-Zinab
National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services Iran, Islamic Republic Of
131OralAssessment of the Situation and the Cause of Junk Food Consumption in Iranians: A Qualitative Study
A. Rezazadeh, B Damari, S. Riazi-Esfahani, M. Hajian
National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services Iran, Islamic Republic Of
132OralThe Diet Adherence in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Patients in the North of Iran Based on the Mediterranean Diet Adherence
Marjan Mahdavi-Roshan, Arsalan Salari, Mahboobeh Gholipour, Moona Naghshbandi
Guilan university of medical sciences Iran, Islamic Republic Of
133OralThe Effects of Symbiotic Therapy on Anthropometric Measures,Body Composition and Blood Pressure in Patient with Metabolic Syndrome: A Triple Blind RCT
Samira Rabiei, Rahebeh Shakerhosseini
National nutrition and food sciences technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
134OralCorrelates of Snacking with Stress and Depression in Obese and Non-Obese Women
Samira Rabiei, Fatemeh Sedaqat, Reza Rastmanesh
National nutrition and food sciences technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
135OralThe Effect of Nutrition Education on Glycemic and Lipidemic Control in Iranian Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Samira Rabiei, Faezeh Askari, Reza Rastmanesh
National nutrition and food sciences technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
136OralThe Relationship between Serum Cortisol and Vitamin C Levels with Obesity
Samira Rabiei, Fatemeh Sedaghat, Reza Rastmanesh
National nutrition and food sciences technology Iran, Islamic Republic Of
137PosterAnalysis of Microbiological Quality and Detection of Antibiotic Residue in Bovine Raw Milk Produced in Blida State, Algeria
M. N. Boukhatem, M. A. Ferhat, K. Mansour
Département de Biologie et Physiologie Cellulaire, Université Blida 1 Algeria
Chair : Huiling Zhao
138OralNumerical Study on Ultimate Capacity of Bi-Modulus Beam-Column
Zhiming Ye, Dejiang Wang, Huiling Zhao
Shanghai University China
139OralRelation between Electrical Properties and Application of Chitosan Nanocomposites
Evgen Prokhorov, Gabriel Luna-Barcenas
140OralActive Flutter Suppression of Sports Aircraft Tailplane by Supplementary Control Surface
Aleš Kratochvíl, Svatomír Slavík
Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic
141OralAntioxidant Extraction from Indonesian Crude Palm Oil and Its Antioxidation Activity
Supriyono, Sumardiyono, Puti Pertiwi
Universitas Setia Budi Surakarta Indonesia
142OralDeveloping the Morphological Field of Problem Context to Assist Multi-Methodology in Operations Research
Mahnaz Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Reza Mehregan
University of Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic Of
143OralEffect of Crystallographic Characteristics on Toughness of Coarse Grain Heat Affected Zone for Different Heat Inputs
Trishita Ray, Ashok Perka, Arnab Karani, M. Shome, Saurabh Kundu
Tata Steel Limited India
144OralProduction of Metal Matrix Composites with Diamond for Abrasive Cutting Resistance by Gas Infiltration Casting
Haydar S. Al Shabbani, M. Marshall, R. Goodall
Sheffield University & Al-Qadisiyah University United Kingdom
145OralAnalysis of the Contribution of Drude and Brendel Model Terms to the Dielectric Function
Christopher Mkirema Maghanga, Maurice Mghendi Mwamburi
kabarak university Kenya
146PosterLuminescent Dye-Doped Polymer Nanofibers Produced by Electrospinning Technique
Monica Enculescu, A. Evanghelidis, I. Enculescu
National Institute of Materials Physics Romania
147OralA Class of Third Derivative Four-Step Exponential Fitting Numerical Integrator for Stiff Differential Equations
Cletus Abhulimen, L. A. Ukpebor
Ambrose Alli University Nigeria
148OralFixed Point Iteration of a Damped and Unforced Duffing's Equation
Paschal A. Ochang, Emmanuel C. Oji
Federal University Lafia Nigeria
149PosterA Family of Second Derivative Methods for Numerical Integration of Stiff Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations
Luke Ukpebor, C. E. Abhulimen
Ambrose Alli University Nigeria
150OralMathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Maisotsenko Cycle
Rasikh Tariq, Fatima Z. Benarab
University of Laghouat Algeria
151PosterNew Gas Geothermometers for the Prediction of Subsurface Geothermal Temperatures: An Optimized Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Geochemometric Analysis
Edgar Santoyo, Daniel Perez-Zarate, Agustin Acevedo, Lorena Diaz-Gonzalez, Mirna Guevara
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) Mexico
152OralThe Study of Stable Isotopes (18O, 2H & 13C) in Kardeh River and Dam Reservoir, North-Eastern Iran
Hossein Mohammadzadeh, Mojtaba Heydarizad
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Iran, Islamic Republic Of
153PosterDiffuse CO₂ Degassing to Study Blind Geothermal Systems: The Acoculco, Puebla (Mexico) Case Study
Mirna Guevara, Edgar Santoyo, Daniel Perez-Zarate, Erika Almirudis
National Autonomous University of Mexico Mexico
154OralCharacterization of Shear and Extensional Rheology of Fibre Suspensions Prior to Atomization
Siti N. M. Rozali, A. H. J. Paterson, J. P. Hindmarsh
Massey University New Zealand
PROGRAM GUIDELINES 1.GUIDE FOR ORAL AND e-POSTER PRESENTATIONS We kindly ask ORAL presenters to prepare electronic presentations of 15 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) and e-POSTER presenters to prepare short electronic presentations of 5 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) (NO PRINT OUTS). A Linux-based operating system is used for both Oral and e-Poster presentations. All presenters should make a PDF file version of their presentation and upload it to the system. 2. PRESENTATION SET UP Laptop Computer, Projector, USB Flash Drive (No CD Drive), MS. PowerPoint/AcrobatReader 3. SYSTEM SECURITY ALERT As many delegates insert their USB devices into the laptop computer provided for the presentations, we cannot avoid Cyber/Computer viruses. You are kindly advised to bring a USB Flash Drive containing ONLY your .ppt, .ptx or .pdf presentation file or risk other files being corrupted or made permanently inaccessible. 4. ROLE OF THE SESSION CHAIR The duties of the Session Chair include the following: 1. Arrive at the conference hall at least 10 minutes before the session begins. Identify the paper presenters and discussant(s) in advance, and introduce yourself. Remind each presenter of the time limits that apply, and describe the method you will use to alert them of time limits during the actual presentation. 2. At the start of the session, introduce yourself to the audience, announce the session/title, and offer a brief overview indicating how the papers are related. 3. Prior to each presentation, introduce the speaker, announce the paper’s title, the name(s) of the author(s), and provide brief comments regarding the affiliation and/or background of each presenter. Identify the individual who will be speaking if it is someone other than the first author. 4. During the presentations enforce time limits strictly so that no author (or audience member) monopolizes someone else’s time. Oral paper presentations each have 20 minutes (15 minutes for full presentation papers, 5 minutes for discussions), and 10 minutes for e-Poster (electronic poster) presentations (5 minutes for poster presentation, 5 minutes for discussions). 5. Once presentations are complete (oral paper presentations and e-Poster presentations), the remaining time can be used for informal discussion between the audience and session participants. It is your job to field questions from the audience. 6. Try to conduct the session as informally as possible (e.g., use first names when addressing participants and members of the audience) to encourage as much audience participation as possible. 5. BEST PAPER AWARDS / BEST PRESENTATION AWARDS A 'Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award' will be conferred on the author(s) of an abstract or a full paper presented at the conference. Selection is made based on the best combined marks of the abstract / paper review and presentation quality appraisal conducted by the Session Chair at the conference venue, and assessed by the Program Committee. Award winners will be announced after the conference. The author(s) of a selected paper/presentation will receive a signed and stamped official Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award e-certificate.

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